Maximilian Claessens

Economies of scope and economies of scale are two often confused economic concepts that both have the same eventual objective: helping the company to cut cost. However, it is important to understand the difference between economies of scale and economies of scope, as they are inherently different. 

22nd February 2017
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We have learnt so far that there are different Types of B2B Products. They can be classified into three categories: Entering goods, Foundation goods and Facilitating goods. Now, we want to further distinguish between them: Detailed Classification of B2B Goods.

24th November 2016
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Types of B2B Products – Classification of Business-to-Business Products

There are several types of B2B products. Classifying them is important as it aids in developing strategies: each type of product is unique. The types of B2B products provide basic direction for the respective strategy choice.

8th November 2016
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Finding Customer Problems - Problem Analysis in New Product Development

For the development of new products, it is crucial to understand what problems current customers have with existing solutions. Finding customer problems is key to developing the right solutions!

19th October 2016
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Open Innovation in New Product Development - Extend your Horizon

Open innovation in new product development is the dominant model of innovation in the 21st century. It allows us to extend our horizon when developing new products and capture the best ideas out there. Let’s see how open innovation in new product development works – and what special role so-called connected innovators play.

30th September 2016
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The new products process is the path that a new product takes from idea to the time of launch and beyond. Let’s investigate the necessary steps to develop new products: the 5 phases of the new products process.

25th September 2016
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Categories of New Products - What is a New Product?

The term new product can mean different things. Six different categories of new products can be identified that are all quite different from each other. Still, they are all called new products. Let’s investigate the different categories of new products and what the term new product may actually mean.

18th September 2016
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Key Marketing Strategies for Startups -

Startups rarely have perfect products. Instead, the goal should be to start selling even if not everything is perfect yet – the product and the marketing mix around it will evolve over time. But what key marketing strategies for startups are needed to sell a product and a marketing mix that may not be perfect yet? 

5th September 2016
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Scrumboard - Taskboard - PATboard - The Solution for Effective Project Management

PATboard is the new era of effective project management – explore the ultimate physical scrumboard. You are interested in project management that is as effective as possible? Then, scrum is the solution for you – with PATboard.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a very modern type of project management that is very flexible and highly responsive to rapidly changing requirements. Forget plans of approach or any other old-school type of project management! Although scrum is mainly used in the IT business, it can be applied to just any project and will enhance your project management effectiveness.

The Scrumboard

The main object of the scrum method is the scrumboard. It is a taskboard used to manage activities, goals and progress – the communication radiator in the project management team. You can surely imagine the effectiveness of a motivated team sitting together in one room and working together with this creative type of project management – brainstorming, bringing ideas together, putting them on a physical board and shifting them around as the project moves on!

Scrumboard - Taskboard - PATboard - The Solution for Effective Project Management

Scrumboard – Taskboard – PATboard – The Solution for Effective Project Management

Scrum – Online?

With the emerging use of the internet, a lot has moved online. Online scrumboards appear to be handier as people can work together from different locations. But: All experts agree that a board you can touch and interact with boosts effective communication, involvement and commitment. A physical taskboard will help your team move forward. Because exchanging ideas, collaborating (and hugging) works best when you are in the same space.

Just imagine: You are much more involved and feel as part of the team if you are together in one room, you have something tangible in your hands, and put it all together as a team. And, when an activity or task is completed, it just feels different to move a physical card to “Done” than clicking on a button.

The future of Scrum – PATboard

Scrum is not a new method – it has been used by many well-known companies for project management. However, the classic appearance of scrumboards takes the form of a literal post-it chaos.

PATboard resolves this chaos. It is the ultimate physical scrumboard – developed to make project management just as effective as possible.

PATboard provides you with a set that is complete and ready for any scrum team. Everybody hates dog-eared notes dropping from the taskboard. Therefore, PATboard designed the perfect solution for scrum teams: super handy, movable, washable, magnetic cards. Surrounded by an accomplishing set consisting of everything you need for scrum, PATboard makes your team ready for the future of project management.

The basic PATboard scrum set provides you with the ultimate scrum tool. It contains everything you need to start with effective project management – and it is extendable at any time. It’s magnetic, stackable, reusable and above all: it looks fantastic! True Dutch design. The cards are easy to write on. It doesn’t smudge and is easy to clean with water. It can be used on all magnetic (white) boards. It does the same as sticky notes, but way better! No falling down, no curling, reusable and it looks excellent.

Scrumboard - Taskboard - PATboard for Effective Project Management

Scrumboard – Taskboard – PATboard for Effective Project Management

Explore Scrum now with PATboard – the ultimate physical scrumboard.

20th August 2016
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Creative Pricing Strategies - Maximize Revenues -

Businesses can use creative pricing strategies to maximize revenue. Especially in challenging economic times, creative pricing strategies may help you to increase profit while your competitors suffer from revenue drops. 

2nd August 2016
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