TikTok Marketing – 3 Tips for Using TikTok to Build a Brand

by Maximilian Claessens
TikTok Marketing - 3 Tips for Using TikTok to Build a Brand

If you thought TikTok was all about GenZ-ers and dance crazes, you’d be sorely mistaken. TikTok is now a full-on cultural phenomenon and businesses are beginning to pay attention. TikTok can be used in many ways to promote a brand or service. Not only can people and brands use TikTok to release videos that will resonate with their audience, but they can also now use the advertising options the platform offers. However, it’s very important that you understand what the platform can do first and have a proper strategy. Here are a few tips for using TikTok to build a brand.

Understand How TikTok Works

TikTok allows users to post videos that are no longer than 15 seconds, but they can also string up to four videos together if they want to make them look longer. There is also a free streaming service that people can use and several editing tools. All of these could come in handy if you’re trying to build visibility for your brand later on. Now, let’s look at a few tips you can implement for using TikTok to build a brand.

Have a Well-Defined Brand and Message

You first have to make sure that you have an actual brand to begin with. Branding is not about snazzy colours and designs, though it is a part of it. It’s about identifying your core audience, understanding what they are looking for in a brand, and moulding your brand and service offering to meet their expectations. That’s it.

If you don’t know where and how to start, you will have to consider looking for outside help. Agencies such as  Ice House Design can help you create a positive and powerful brand image, along with a clear message. Having worked with both micro-enterprises and international brands, a company like this one will be able to assist regardless. Working with an experienced agency will allow you to look at your current branding efforts and fill any gaps that may be missing in your strategy.

Segment or Cross-Promote

You can use TikTok either to cross-promote your other channels or as a distinct channel. Some people may want to use TikTok to cross-promote their Instagram account, and vice versa. Doing so would also allow you to protect your brand and keep promoting if engagement starts dwindling in one of the two.

For instance, your engagement metrics on Instagram could suddenly start dropping, and suddenly, you won’t get the same reach as before. If you have a TikTok with a sizeable following, you could not only keep promoting, but revive engagement on your other accounts through it.

On the other hand, you have brands who might want their channels clearly separated and use their TikTok for another type of content. The NBA, for instance, uses its Instagram mainly to post highlights and news on games and what’s happening around the league. Their TikTok is much closer to the fans. They might post videos showing what is happening behind the scenes, for instance. They had one particular video showing the adventures of different mascots around the league. You could use your TikTok in a similar way to show a more personal side of your team and not focus on promoting as much as you do on your other platforms.

As you can see, there are tons of ways for using TikTok to build a brand. We suggest you give all these tips a try and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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