Marketing Techniques To Boost Website Traffic

by Maximilian Claessens
Marketing Techniques To Boost Website Traffic - Make your website thrive

When your website is just not getting that much traffic, it can be hard to manage. For many, less traffic means lower profits and this never good for any business. Without people coming to your website, you won’t make those all-important sales. The good news is that you can boost website traffic more easily than you might think, as long as you are willing to spend a little on marketing.

Some common marketing techniques to boost website traffic include search engine optimisation and influencer marketing. Read on to hear more about the techniques that you can adopt to really make a difference this year.


If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘SEO’ then you should know that it stands for search engine optimisation. This is the process of adapting your website content and structure to make it more searchable. The more work you do on your SEO, the more effective you can be in driving traffic to your site. There are many agencies out there who can focus on the various aspects of SEO and boost your traffic. For example, LNP Media Group’s SEO marketing services include interlinking, local optimisation and more to help ensure their client’s online impact is as strong as it can be. If SEO is a brand new concept to you, you might want to think about hiring an agency who can simplify the process and boost your traffic. The main issue is that SEO best practices can change so often and they can be hard to figure out. If you aren’t doing regular research and performing updates, you could miss out on that position zero spot. This is where a marketing agency can be useful.


If you really want to boost your website traffic, you must consider PPC ads. PPC stands for pay per click and it refers to the kind of ads that you typically see on Google. For example, if you were to search for ‘garages’, you might get an ad for a company that sells garages near you. This is down to their PPC ad campaigns that have been set to allow them to appear in this kind of search.

When it comes to PPC ads, you’ll find that you only pay each time someone clicks on your website. Of course, this can be effective as it allows you to drive traffic and only pay for what you get. It is important to remember, however, that each click doesn’t always result in a conversion. Typically, PPC ads are not very useful for those who have a small budget and a lack of understanding of how to make them most effective.

Influencer Marketing

Over the past few years, influencer marketing has really become an effective and valuable tool for those hoping to drive traffic to their websites. If you can find the right influencer to advertise your business to their existing audience, you can get those same people to end up on your website and hopefully convert. If you aren’t familiar with how influencer marketing works, you should know that it doesn’t come cheap. For influencers with large followings, you could spend thousands or more on one simple post. However, if you choose the right influencer who has an engaged audience, you could make this back and more. There are plenty of tips online that can help you find an influencer to work with so make sure to check these out.

Email Marketing

If you have an existing mailing list of customers who have previously made a purchase on your site, email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to drive them back. Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing techniques in 2020 and once you get started, you’ll see why in no time at all. With email marketing, you can curate your content to target those who might be interested in certain products. If they are, they will head to the site and possibly make a purchase. You don’t want to send too many emails to your customers but if you can find the balance, this can be a very effective method for driving website traffic and increasing those profits this year.

Guest Blogging

If your website doesn’t already have a blog, you need to add one of these now. Not only can blogs be effective in helping drive traffic to the site from social channels but you can also use your blogs to rank for new keywords and boost your SEO. Usually, a blog will consist of relevant news updates within your industry but it can be so much more. Whether you are telling customers why they should choose your brand or you are simply offering advice on certain topics, this can be extremely effective.

On top of that, guest blogging can also work very well. You can ask an industry expert to create a blog for your site and use this to drive traffic. This can be shared on social channels and they might even promote it themselves to their audience. Why not consider guest blogging today?

Social Media

If you aren’t already using social media to boost your website traffic then you are seriously missing out. If you have the right social media channels set up and an engaged audience, this technique can be very effective. When creating social media content, you need to ensure that you are posting valuable things. Simply reminding customers to visit your website every hour of the day isn’t going to engage them and might even result in them unfollowing your account.

Content that drives traffic typically involves promotions, news of new products and blog content. Try to come up with a social media strategy in advance and you’ll thank yourself later. There are some great tools online that can help you to schedule in your posts when your audience might see them.

Create A Community

Finally, if you want to boost your website traffic, you should try to create a community of customers. Brands that have a community feel can encourage customers to come back for more and to meet others who enjoy the same kinds of products. Communities can be created on social media channels and on site if you have the budget to build an additional feature. With a community, customers are much more likely to visit the site more often as they feel involved. If you can take on board customer feedback and implement some changes, this can be even more effective. If you need some tips to help with creating a community, you can usually find some online.

Get Started

If you are hoping to boost website traffic in 2020, you should take on board some of the tips that we have given you in this article. Marketing can be so effective in getting customers to your website and of course, encouraging them to make that final purchase. If you aren’t already using some of the marketing techniques that we have discussed in this article, you’ll find them easier than you might think. Just make sure that you have a good marketing budget so that you don’t miss out on any valuable traffic. Hopefully, you’ll see a difference in no time at all.

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