Search Engine Optimization Tools – SEO aids that you need for your Online Marketing

by Maximilian Claessens
Search Engine Optimization Tools

Effective online marketing can only be achieved by effective search engine optimization of the website of a business. For effective search engine optimization, one needs the best available search engine optimization tools. These can significantly ease your life and help you to succeed in the jungle of websites out there. There are many tools available for search engine optimization. Some are free, others offer basic services for free and there are also paid for tools. Using a few important and efficient tools will help you achieve a winning online marketing campaign. We’ll give you a brief overview of these SEO tools.


Search Engine Optimization tools that track the ranking of the website on the search engine results pages are very important for online marketing. These tools help track whether the marketing strategy is working or whether changes should be made to make the marketing methods more effective. Some effective free tools are Google Search Console and Google Analytics. WebCEO is a freemium tool that offers basic services for free and charges a fee for advanced features. Cuutio is a paid for ranking tracker tool that not only helps track the rank but also offers suggestions about how the ranks can be improved. 

Keyword Analysis 

Search Engine Optimization is driven by Keywords. Therefore, keyword analysis or keyword generation is key to succeed. To help you in this, you can rely on search engine optimization tools that analyze and suggest keywords to help you utilize keywords effectively for better online marketing. There are a number of free tools that help you discover new keyword ideas and also track the performance of your own keywords. These include the Google Keyword Planner, AnswerThePublic, and Ubersuggest. Another good free keyword suggestion tool that uses one seed keyword to generate a list of potential keywords is Keyword In. Term Explorer is a good freemium keyword analysis and research tool. This tool helps you understand the competitiveness of your chosen keyword. Longtail Pro is a paid keyword analysis tool that offers detailed analysis features that are very effective in an internet marketing campaign. 

Link Building

Raising awareness about the existence of a website is possible only through link building. Quality links also help to improve the content on the website. Link building search engine optimization tools improve content and help the website get a higher ranking on search engine results pages. Common Crawl is a free web crawler software that collects link data. Open Link Profiler is an effective freemium link building tool and Ahrefs Site Explorer is one of the most effective among paid backlink building tools. 

Content Effectiveness

Content makes or breaks online marketing. If a website has relevant, fresh and unique content, online marketing the website will be successful. To check if content is fresh and unique there are many content effectiveness tracking search engine optimization tools. A good free content effectiveness tool is Outdated Content Finder. This tool finds relevant content that you can improve and present a new version. A good freemium tool is the WordPress plugin by Yoast. Hootsuite Pro is a paid tool that helps you manage content on the internet and the social media. 

Technical Tools 

Search Engine Optimization tools that help you check the website’s back-end and solve issues are vital for internet marketing. Google has a free Data Markup Helper that helps you track the effectiveness and efficiency of your data. A good freemium technical tool is the Screaming Frog that crawls a website and detects problems. Dyno mapper is a paid website crawler tool that offers three paid packages according to your needs. 

Link Removal 

Link removal search engine optimization tools are important because you need to periodically remove unnecessary links. Google algorithms sometimes impose a penalty if you have too many unnecessary links to your website. You can also completely remove any linking to your site to avoid penalties. A free link removal tool is Google Disavow. It is a simple tool that tells Google that you do not want any links to your site. A paid tool that gives comprehensive help in analyzing links, building links and unnecessary or unnatural link detection and removal is the CognitiveSEO tool

Using effective Search Engine Optimization Tools makes online marketing effective, efficient and easy. A startup can use free tools and as the profits from internet marketing keep coming in, one can use advanced paid tools to further improve search engine optimization effectiveness in order to increase profits. Also, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) should be considered at that stage.

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