Salaries in Marketing – How much can you make in Marketing?

by Maximilian Claessens
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Salaries in Marketing - How much can you make in Marketing_

So you want to know how much a marketing job pays? Let’s take a look at typical salaries in marketing.

The marketing job industry can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. It takes tenacity, cunning and a strong spirit of competition to land you in the door. With specialization and education, however, you can level the playing field.

Below we’ll cover the basics, go further in depth at a few positions and what you can expect from salaries in marketing. Finally, we’ll take a look at what skills can bolster your resume and land you a job in the field to start you off on a rewarding career.

What are typical salaries for people interested in a marketing job in the United States?

Key determining factors for salaries in marketing

This question requires you to think clearly about what field you’re interested in and what skills will serve you best. Take into consideration the following:

  • Competition – intensified. A lot has changed. The more erudite you are on the ways and wherefores of the digital world, the better.
  • Education – much more important than before. At one point in the past, a bachelor’s degree would’ve sufficed. Now, employers look for MBA and Master’s degree holders.
  • Growth – like nearly every other industry, this is a field expected to grow significantly, with varying percentages per the area you may find yourself in.

Base salaries in marketing

Among many of the US’s top industries, salaries in marketing, and marketing job majors show an average just under $57k per year. This is data from those who worked under firms handling management for enterprises and companies.

Manufacturing industries paid marketing graduates just shy of $56k. Bear in mind that salaries in marketing, while even at some of the highest levels, only paint part of the picture when it comes to the base salary. Company perks, like benefits, stock options and bonuses affect base salary by as much as 10% or more.

Effects of tenure

Tenure is best thought of as a bond, bridging the relationship between employer and employee. The bottom line: it depends; consider these critical points:

  • Stability – meaning less turnover for the employer, thus less hiring and firing costs, while you get to enjoy feeling more certain about your position and future, encouraging your long-term commitment to the organization.
  • Experience – You’ll naturally develop a more versatile skillset, and a higher-versed acumen, the longer you spend time with the company. This also opens the doors for things like cross-training and future positions.

Prospective employees should understand tenure reflects an insight to employers when they peruse the applicant’s curriculum vitae. Tenure spotlights an individual’s focus, loyalty, stability and expertise in their respective field – so the longer, the better.

Positions and salaries in marketing

Below is a brief overview of various marketing job positions you can expect in the marketing industry along with their respective salaries.

Marketing Analyst Certification isn’t a mandatory requirement, but doing so will help illustrate your dedication, improving your chances of getting hired. Skills required touch on anything from attribution modeling and Google Analytics to AdWords and PMI certification.
Base salary average – $66,487.00
Ranges anywhere from $46,900.00 to $64,319.00 when factoring annual incentives and other benefits.

Marketing Consultants help develop a detailed marketing plan and implement a strategy to the targeted market, after determining a businesses’ marketing message. Online, social media, print and TV advertising are just some of skills needed in a consultant’s repertoire.
Base salary average – $53,457.00
Ranges from $33,500.00 to $62,000.00

Marketing managers are leaders to the entire marketing or sales team of an organization. They factor in data and determine the demand for services and products. They help identify prices, keep an eye out for prospective markets all with the intention of optimizing profits and customer satisfaction.
Base salary average – $106,168.00
Ranges fall between $92,518.00 and $124,994.00

As you can see, salaries in marketing vary greatly depending on the specific role, skillset you bring and your tenure. We hope that this gives you a little overview and wish you good luck in applications!

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