Post COVID marketing strategies – Six lessons the pandemic has taught us

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Post COVID marketing strategies - Six lessons the pandemic has taught us

COVID 19 has changed our world – not only temporarily. As a result businesses had to adjust their strategies to stay competitive, and will have to continue to do so. This applies also to marketing. Many organizations have had to change how they function, including their marketing techniques to stay competitive in the market. Only with the right post COVID marketing strategies long term success beyond the crisis can be ensured.

The COVID crisis has particularly accelerated the rate at which we are ‘moving digital’ and has, in turn, shifted tremendous power to the online industry. For small and medium enterprises, the post-COVID-19 marketplace will bring an altogether new set of problems and opportunities, prompting firms to reconsider how they connect with clients and engage prospects. As the economy grows in a post-COVID environment and purchasing patterns shift, what worked in 2019 will no longer be effective in 2021 and beyond.

Here are six lessons we can learn from the pandemic to optimize our post COVID marketing strategies.

1) Empathy always works

Building a connection with your customers before selling anything to them goes a long way to help them relate to your business. Seeing as the pandemic has affected a majority of people, making your customers feel like you are empathizing with them will be a great step to connect them to your products. As the economy recovers from the pandemic, humanizing your content and adjusting your brand voice to sound more empathetic to consumers will put you a step ahead of your competition that will in many cases be rushing to make sales quickly and thoughtlessly.

2) Shift to the digital world – now more than ever

With the reduction of physical contact and the introduction of social distancing, people have only one place to turn to to get the connection they crave – the internet. With technology improving even at an even quicker rate post COVID, this shift to the digital world is more than necessary to keep up with the trend. It is important to embrace digital tools such as email automation software, CRM, online payments for your brand, as well as curating brand-oriented social media pages on influential sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – now more than ever before.

3) Focus on customer retention

After the pandemic, firms should consider to first concentrate on retaining the traffic they already have, rather than trying to attract new customers with all force. It might affect your income more in the short term to retain current customers, for instance by providing refunds to those that had paid for memberships, but it will be less costly compared to spending on campaigns geared towards attracting new customers during the pandemic. Once the economy improves and your customers regain their purchasing power, your income will rise again. Caring for your current customers pays off in the long run by increasing customer loyalty, and many may even decide to spend more in the future as a result, for instance by upgrading their membership plan.

4) Invest in an ideal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool

A powerful and trustworthy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a great asset for any firm wishing to adopt an omnichannel approach to their post COVID marketing strategies. CRM allows marketers to collect important data and analytics that tell them things like where their consumers come from, how long they spend with them, if they’re likely to buy something, and how they can track their campaigns. A CRM platform is a great tool, with a large outreach that allows you to quickly categorize your clients. Brands can also use built-in capabilities like customized messages and emails to reach out to their customers. Why is a good CRM tool so critical in the post-pandemic world? Firstly, firms will have to be flexible in a rapidly changing environment. This means that sales teams will have to and be able to be able to manage an increasingly dynamic workload. Secondly, marketing investments and campaigns will be assessed more carefully than before. A top notch CRM systems helps you to understand your customers and and allocate budgets more cautiously. Finally, being efficient in managing your customers is more important now than ever before. As resources become scarce and demand patterns change rapidly, companies will have to be efficient in their processes. An ideal CRM system is a requirement for this.

5) Improve your performance by continuously optimizing

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us, it is that the world can change abruptly. A strategy that works today is different from what worked a few years back, and may not work tomorrow. This means that you have to constantly update your content to adapt to trends, reorder and enhance your marketing to increase click-throughs, rankings, conversion rates, and other important metrics for your company. It entails reacting fast to breaking news, regulatory changes, algorithm adjustments, and fluctuating search results. For marketers, this is the beginning of a new era in which customer data, digital performance, and data-driven decision-making count more than ever before.

6) Give discounts and exclusive deals

As the world recovers from unemployment and economic disruption caused by the pandemic, people are going to be on the lookout for the best deals on the market. Offering unique sales specials or discounts is an effective strategy to win new customers. Inform your audience about these offers on your social media pages or through promotional emails. These types of promotions will help you attract new clients while also enticing existing ones to make a purchase. Businesses adversely affected by the virus, such as the hotel industry, can benefit hugely from these post COVID marketing strategies in getting customers to start purchasing again.

Parting advice

The COVID pandemic has led us into a situation that most people would never have envisioned. After COVID, some things will become as they were before the pandemic, but other things may have been changed forever. This puts even more pressure on firms to adapt to this new environment – and be prepared for further such situations in the future. To stay competitive, a combination of the right post COVID marketing strategies is necessary. Most importantly, firms should stay alert and be able to adjust anytime to changing environments in the future.

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