Marketing Strategies for Restaurants – Restaurant Marketing done right

by Maximilian Claessens
Marketing Strategies for Restaurants - Restaurant Marketing done right

There are so many restaurants in the market, and each wants to make a profit. The restaurant landscape is competitive. If you want to keep your restaurant at the top, you will need to give your best. Being visible in the crowded marketplace helps you to achieve that. Below are some of the best marketing strategies for restaurants that will guide you. These marketing strategies for restaurants will help you to be more visible, attract and retain visitors to boost your sales. Let’s see how you can attract more hungry bellies to your restaurant.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is one of the most basic marketing strategies for restaurants, yet one of the most important ones. Once you start up your restaurant, ensure you prepare the best food for your first customers. Use those customers as “ambassadors” to your target audience. Give them a reason to spread word about your restaurant. Next to giving them the best food you have and delighting them with top-notch service, you could for instance give them a set of vouchers they can give to their friends. Most people like trying out new and unique things if they hear positive things about them from friends and relatives. Therefore, people will come to check out the new restaurant in town. As soon as they get there, treat them in the best way possible. Those customers will in turn encourage their friends to also come to the restaurant to try it out. A word for a word, and before you know it, your restaurant is well known and popular.

Be active on social media – Post pictures of your food

Being active on social media and building a community of foodies is one of the best marketing strategies for restaurants. Social media is one of the best connectivity platforms to get people’s attention. The best part about it is that you will know who is watching and thus know your market gap. To get more people to watch and like your social media page, ensure you have good photos. Take food photos which are drooling and eye-catching. Give your viewers a reason to come back for more. Give them a reason to like and share the photo. The food post should be good enough to salivate your viewers. When it comes to posting on social media, high quality matters. Therefore, make sure you are using a good camera and prepare the photo well, including decoration and lighting.

Use of pamphlets

Most people don’t like reading long paragraphs. Pamphlets are suitable for this sector. Consider creating a pamphlet that has the ideal meals and prices for the food. Make sure the pamphlet is attractive. So that people will want to read what’s inside. The pamphlet should include photos of the best food prepared in the restaurant.

Be flexible to take advantage of market opportunities

Successful restaurant marketing requires you to spot opportunities in the market. For example, the current COVID-19 pandemic has shown that life can be extremely hard for traditional restaurants. However, it has also shown a huge opportunity for delivery food. Being flexible and able to adjust to changing market conditions is a core requirement to be successful. In this case, if you switch to delivery food and do this well, supplying the same high-quality food in a neatly presented manner, you may rather win new customers than miss out. Also when things go back to normal, you may have created a lasting benefit.

Pricing strategies for restaurants

It goes without saying that pricing strategies are part of developing marketing strategies for restaurants. The pricing decision is complex: It depends on the type of restaurant you have, the target audience, the environment and of course the competition. Usually you are best advised with a demand-based or value-based pricing strategy. Try to figure out what the market is actually willing to pay for the food and service you offer. If you are offering a premium quality restaurant in the most expensive part of the city, you will likely be able to charge high prices and people will be happy to pay them. If you are a little pizza place next to the train station, things surely look different. Consider your prices well and think about pricing as an integrative part of the marketing mix to be successful.

With these marketing strategies for restaurants you will be able to attract more hungry people to your restaurant and create lasting customer satisfaction and retention – helping you boost your sales.

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