Marketing Strategies For Dentists – How To Get People Caring About Oral Hygiene

by Maximilian Claessens
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Marketing Strategies For Dentists – How to get People Caring About Oral Hygiene

Dentists depend on quality marketing strategies to ensure that their services reach as many people as possible. The busier they are, the better.

Getting their name out their keeps them pushing forward in all aspects of their operations. Unfortunately, dentistry has experienced a great deal of lag in recent times, for instance as students are forced to repeat the past year while new students of the practice are refused admittance. Now more than ever, they need to persevere, bolstering their prospects across the board. Marketing can help them get a head start here.

Therefore, here are four marketing strategies for dentists that should get people caring about oral hygiene.

Establish a Community Approach

Dentists will inevitably have different goals than an international business. Their marketing needs to be far more refined, catering to the local collective.

Oral hygiene is vital, regardless of one’s interests, preferences, or hobbies. In other words, dentists have essential status, and they do not need to appeal in the same way that a shop selling fancy ornaments or video games needs to. They are part of the fabric of any town, village, or city, and are required for the betterment of all, not merely a few.

Dentists need to double down on that side of things as they market themselves. Leaflets through letterboxes, pamphlets in shop windows, and the odd advert in the local paper are all techniques that will yield better results.

SEO Techniques

People often think that marketing services on the internet mean casting a wide net as far as possible. It can mean that under certain circumstances, but a concentrated and refined approach at the local level is also possible here.

Rather than working with broader marketing agencies, you can speak to experts such as Mark Oborn who specialises in SEO for dentists. They can not only increase the number of visitors to the dentist’s website, but also encourage them to make contact too. They understand the snowball effect of great marketing and the potential patient’s decision-making process, converting those curious clicks into confident patrons of the practice.

Choosing a dentist is a big decision, as very often, patients stay loyal to their practice for life. The only dealbreakers are if they move to a new house or undergo an extremely traumatising experience. However, they tend to otherwise stick with their first choice, and SEO is the anchor point for a steady influx of patients, keeping the practice running.

Appointment Notifications

Dentists have their patient’s information on record and can browse when they are due for an appointment.

A useful resource, these rich databases keep dentists in touch with their patients. They can send regular check-up reminders via text or email, adopting a caring image so that people do not forget their commitments.

Prompts may also be included to say that, if the patient cannot make the appointment, they should inform the practice as soon as possible. This means nobody’s time gets wasted and everyone gets what they need out of the arrangement. Only important services have reminders attached too, encouraging people to show up. 

What Can Go Wrong…

Dentists are healthcare professionals, and though they inspire hope, they can also provide memorable doses of caution. Everyone listens to the warnings of those in the know…

For example, in hospitals, one may encounter ads detailing the drawbacks of smoking. There may be a picture of blackened lungs upon the wall, alongside accounts of how smoking kills and causes cancers. A similar tactic may be used by dentists, including featuring images and statistics around gum disease, missing teeth, or bad breath.

There is a growing concern among the professionals that they will soon face a tsunami of tooth decay, caused by children not visiting their local practices for check-ups with the pandemic in full swing. If everyone knows the consequences for neglected oral hygiene, it can be a motivating factor for potential patients in and of itself. These marketing strategies for dentists help to get people caring about oral hygiene.

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