Top 5 Marketing Strategies for 2020 – Get Ready for a new Decade!

by Maximilian Claessens
Top 5 Marketing Strategies for 2020 - Get Ready for a new Decade!

Marketing is the lifeblood of a business, making it extremely important to keep up with the marketing strategies 2020 will rely on. Thanks to the power of the Internet, marketing is easier than ever before, but it also changes a lot faster as well because of advances in technology. The good news is that businesses that take advantage of these rapid changes in marketing technique can gain a significant advantage over their competition using marketing strategies 2020 will make commonplace. Let’s take a look at the top five marketing strategies for 2020 that will carry your business through the decade.

Top Marketing Strategies 2020

1. Building Trust Through Privacy Protection

It seems like everyday we’re hearing another story about how some company got breached and had their customer data stolen. If it were to happen to you it would be a terrible blow to the trust that consumers place in your business, and of course, there are also the potential lawsuits you could be facing. However, even if you don’t get breached, the existence of so many breaches in general has made the public more wary of giving up their data.

The best way to combat this issue, and gain the trust of your demographic, is to actively market your company as one that protects the privacy of it’s customers. In many cases, this is a subtle, yet critically important facet of your marketing efforts, such as having a page on your website that explains how you protect your customer’s data. In any case, the more people trust you, the more they’ll do business with you, making this one of the most effective marketing strategies 2020 has to offer.

2. Data-Driven Marketing

Speaking of data, all of your marketing efforts should be created around actual data that you’ve gathered. This is nothing new, but what is new is the fact that in 2020 there are all kinds of new ways to gather data on your customers, your demographics, and of course your engagement through social media. There are free apps that can do this, paid software, and of course, you can hire professional analytics teams. Regardless of how you approach this, make sure you’re gathering as much data as you can so that your marketing efforts will be as focused as possible.

3. Using Influencers

Thanks to the phenomenon of social media, there are people who have amassed literally millions of followers who cling on to every word they say. You can use this almost cult-like following to your advantage by getting influencers to give your company a shout out, do product placement during their videos, or even have them direct their followers to buy your products. In many cases you’ll have to pay them for this, but sometimes just sending them a free “care package” that they can un-box on screen is enough to be one of the simplest marketing strategies 2020 has going.

4. Have a Mobile Friendly Website

When it comes to marketing strategies 2020 will give us, this one isn’t new but it is by far one of the most important going into the new decade. Websites that aren’t mobile friendly will actively get penalized by Google and other search engines, reducing your traffic. This is because most people are doing searches using mobile devices, and Google and the others want to give them the best experience possible. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it’s past time for an upgrade.

5. Video Content is King

Engagement is important on social media as it will help with your branding efforts, and lead to better results when a promotional post is made. Statistically speaking, video content on social media gets higher engagement than text content, that’s just a fact these days. What this means is that you want to incorporate video content as a regular part of your social media efforts if you haven’t already. Fortunately, making video content is extremely easy, and shouldn’t have a big impact on your marketing budget.

The Future of Marketing is Here

At its core, marketing hasn’t changed at all. This is because human psychology hasn’t changed. All the same psychological triggers and elements that worked hundreds of years ago will still work in the marketing strategies 2020 is going to bring. That said, the way we market has changed, and by following these tips you can stay ahead of the curve, and one step ahead of your competition. Stay informed, and you’ll be successful, it’s that easy.

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