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Marketing for Startups -


How to do marketing for startups without having to invest a lot of money? You want to reach out to potential customers but lack the budget for traditional marketing? Marketing for startups is possible, for any budget!

If your budget is small, you may not be able to use classic marketing channels. In other words, marketing for startups must rely on some other methods. But good marketing for startups does not have to cost a lot of money – it has to be clever. How to do marketing for startups? By following these tips.

Tip 1 for Marketing for Startups: Focus on what you already have

For many startups, it is difficult to recognize the potential of their immediate environment for marketing. At the first place: your own customers. These are often already there in the first phase of the business. By triggering them to recommend your startup or product, you get effective marketing for startups – for free.

But how do you trigger existing customers to do marketing for you? Here are just some examples:

  • Share buttons
  • Levels or status indicators that let users compete with each other
  • Premium functions or exclusive content they get when recommending your service
  • Possibility for users to create own content that they want to share with their networks

But you can go further: you might ask your first customers to serve as a testimonial with a photo or statement on your website. Of course, it should be authentic.

Tip 2 for Marketing for Startups: Make curious

For certain startups it might work to awaken interest already before the launch. Examples are an invitation-only process or a closed beta version. In connection with word of mouth on social media, this may lead to a run on registrations.

Tip 3 for Marketing for Startups: Benefit from others

Marketing for startups does not always have to come from yourself. There are several possibilities to benefit from the reach and popularity of others.

For instance, startup competitions may allow you to benefit from others. You don’t have to win it to get the benefits – you will get the attention of the jury also without winning. Already here, you can gain later supporters and investors. If you make it to the finals, you may benefit from press reactions and get the chance to collaborate with other participants.

Crowdfunding campaigns are another way of marketing for startups. Next to the opportunity to get financial aid, you gain attention and popularity. Not only supporters of the campaign will promote your business, but also journalists scan these platforms on a frequent basis for exciting startups and ideas.

Tip 4 for Marketing for Startups: Use Freebies

First of all, what are freebies? Freebies refer to something that is given without a charge or cost. How does that relate to marketing for startups? Well, especially online marketers can often benefit from handy special offers and discounts. An example for this is Google AdWords. If you open a new account and buy AdWords advertisements for $25, you will get a bonus account balance of $75 for free! That means, for $25 you will get 100 – a good investment.

Tip 5 for Marketing for Startups: Make sure you get found online

Potential customers and people who are interested should find your website without any effort. Here, search engine marketing becomes important to improve the visibility of your internet presence. For this, you should mainly create content that is not only appealing to potential customers, but also search-engine friendly. To get started with search engine optimization and search engine marketing, read this guide.

Tip 6 for Marketing for Startups: Get product ambassadors

The more people shout, the more people will hear it. So integrate as many people as possible in your communication and marketing for startups. To get more popularity, you should not omit any opportunity to get supporters for your communication.

A good example for this are bloggers. Giving them free samples and having them write about you is the easiest method to gain attention. Additionally, you will get valuable user feedback that helps you to improve your product.

It is important that those talking about your startup – your product ambassadors, are heard by the right people – your future customers. So focus on the right branches and types of bloggers. If you are active in the fashion industry, engage fashion bloggers. If you have an innovative idea for tourism, focus on travel bloggers.


With these tips, marketing for startups becomes possible, even if the budget is very much restrained. And it doesn’t sound difficult, does it?

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