How to Leverage Video for Social Media Marketing

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How to Leverage Video for Social Media Marketing

Today, video content is the life and soul of social media. If you go online on any social media platform, you are bound to see videos everywhere. Even written content contains embedded videos placed there to catch your attention.
With so much going for the video, you can leverage it to meet your social media marketing needs.
In the following, we review how to best leverage video for social media marketing.

How Video Can Help You in Social Media Marketing

Video is a powerful medium that attracts viewers universally. However, just placing random videos on social media platforms will not help. You need to do it in a systematic and organised way. Here are a few ways you can get the video to help you in your social media marketing campaigns.

Facilitate Interaction

Whenever you create a video, make provision for two-way communication. The concept of a passive audience needs to be done away with. You need to picture your audience as real people you can communicate with. 

Provide features in your videos for them to communicate back to you through comments and feedback.

Although a short video can deliver a powerful message, you probably have a lot of other content to share with your viewers. Therefore, create videos with hashtags, links, and CTAs strategically placed for your viewers to move on to your other content.

Keep it Short and Sweet

People often neither have the time nor the patience to view lengthy videos. Therefore, videos in the form of short clips that convey your message on social media platforms should suffice. Using an online video trimmer will come in handy to keep your videos brief and to the point. The manner in which you cut your videos can have a big impact on how they turn out.

Create Multiple Videos

Don’t try to cram all your information into a single video. Creating videos as sequels helps you not only spread out a lot of information and create anticipation with your viewers. When the series is completed, you can link them together to maintain the continuity of your marketing campaign.

If video is a powerful medium, email is nearly as powerful. You can use online tools to embed video into your emails to your existing and future customers. When the recipient opens your email, the video should start playing if done properly. 

Be Genuine and Say What You Mean

Whatever content you put into your videos should be authentic. Authenticity builds trust. You need to win the trust of your viewers that they can verify through fact-checking. Moreover, post what you believe in. In any other way, it would seem not very honest, and can in fact harm your efforts to leverage video for social media marketing.

Use Animation

Animation, particularly in how-to and informational videos, helps lighten the atmosphere and make the communication clearer. You can also provide interactive infographics, showing short, animated video snippets when an icon is clicked on.

The Value of Educational Videos

Today video is a key form of internal communication within the industry. Time and attention are important resources. You can use educational videos to stay connected with other internal communications professionals.

Educational videos are also one of the most engaging forms of video. Most people are interested in learning new things. You can increase your audience exponentially through educational videos.

Be Adaptable and Inventive

Be open to sharing your video content on various platforms and in different formats. For example, you wouldn’t want to stick to YouTube for all your videos. There are hundreds of social media platforms where you can share your videos.

Even an unlikely platform for sharing videos like Pinterest can be a great place to add snippets. Ultimately, how you format your video content and place it are critical factors in promoting your social media marketing campaigns.

Add Videos to Press Releases

Placing a video in a press release is an effective means of enhancing communication. You can be sure that those who read your press release will click your video out of curiosity and watch it.

If you add additional information in your video, you can gain more leverage in your press releases and create the required hype that press releases should generate.

Videos Within Blog Posts

It is a well-known search engine optimization (SEO) technique to place videos amongst the written content in a blog. It engages readers, and the best part is that it is looked upon favorably by Google, which improves your content ranking. It gives your social media marketing campaigns a boost.

Use Video Everywhere

Once you have some powerful video content, don’t restrict it to a limited number of places. There are multiple locations where you can post your videos. Put your videos on all the segments of your sales funnel.

The more people are exposed to your videos, the better the chances of communicating your message to your audience.

Optimise Your Videos to Play on Mute

The majority of viewers watch videos without sound for various reasons. They may be in a room where there are other people they do not disturb, or they may be hard to hear.

Whatever might be the reasons, add visual aids like captions and subtitles to your videos. A viewer should understand the content of a video without accessing the audio.

Make Your Videos Searchable

When you post a video on a social media platform, it should be searchable for people who seek the type of content that you are posting. Therefore, add hashtags, keywords, and subtitles to get picked up in a Google search.

You should also create relevant descriptions to give viewers an idea about the content of your videos. Also, add eye-catching thumbnails to attract people browsing the internet to increase the chances of them clicking on your video.


There are unlimited possibilities in using video content to promote your social media marketing campaigns. Whether you are putting videos out on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, video is a great format to spread your message.

Here we have highlighted only a few tips on using videos to promote your marketing campaigns on social media. Continue to integrate videos in your social media marketing, and you will surely come up with more creative ideas to capitalise on this powerful means of communication. 


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