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by Maximilian Claessens
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Internet Marketing Strategies -

Every company in the 21st century needs internet marketing strategies. While for a small company, some form of web marketing may be sufficient, successful online marketing for larger businesses requires much more. Let’s investigate how to establish strong internet marketing strategies for successful online marketing.

The Website – Where Internet Marketing Strategies start

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about internet marketing strategies is, of course, a website. Indeed, an easy-to-find website is key to reaching customers. In other words, visibility starts on the web, especially if the company is not a local family business. Therefore, internet marketing strategies are required to establish a sound online presence.

However, there are specific considerations that should be taken into consideration when setting up internet marketing strategies. For successful online marketing, these factors should not be left to chance:

Social Media

Social media, especially Facebook, but also platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and co., still show increases in membership and usage. It would be rather stupid not to consider these in your internet marketing strategies. However, the same online marketing strategies do not work across all social media platforms. Instead, each platform may require a separate internet marketing strategy. This makes only sense: For instance, on Twitter, you would not post messages of the same length as on Facebook, while on Instagram, pictures should be the focus.

On all platforms, though, you should focus the internet marketing strategies on these factors:

  • Audience. What is your target audience and how do you reach it?
  • Engagement. How do you best engage the target audience and connect?
  • Tools. What tools are available on the social media platform to reach your target audience?
  • Measurement. How can you measure your return on investment from your social media marketing?

Certainly, the greatest advantages of social media marketing as part of the internet marketing strategy are reach and low costs. Read more about social media marketing.


Look around on the streets, what do you see? Smartphones, of course. Mobile marketing is, indeed, one of the most important aspects of internet marketing strategies today. The internet is increasingly accessed via mobile devices, so make sure you have a good online presence for those visiting your website on the go. Mobile optimization is an imperative part of website design – and also for Google increasingly important. If you do not providde mobile friendly content, your website will suffer in Google search rankings, so make sure your site is ready for mobile-friendly Google search results.

Be aware that this is not a temporary trend. Access to the internet via mobile devices will continue to grow. Therefore, your internet marketing strategies should take factors such as a responsive website, mobile ads and mobile-optimized content into consideration.

More on mobile marketing.


Although you might not have thought of it, email marketing is still important. Even if compared to mobile and social media marketing, it appears outdated, its magnitude is still high. Therefore, email marketing should be part of your internet marketing strategies. In addition, you should make sure that social media marketing, mobile marketing and email marketing are in line with each other. Why? More than 60% of consumers read email on smartphones. That opens the gate for a link between mobile marketing, social media marketing and email marketing. Link it all and establish a successful internet marketing strategy! Of course, email needs to work across all devices.

However, be advised not to send out any irrelevant content, and target precisely. Create content that is perfectly fitted to the specific target group. Otherwise, you will lose customers, since they unsubscribe because the content does not relate to them. We all do not want spam – so why would your customers? Also, do not exaggerate with the amount and frequency of information you send out via email. Otherwise, customers will be overwhelmed and frustrated.

More on email marketing.

Where it all comes together – Content

Finally, we reach a point where social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and all other aspects of our internet marketing strategies come together – the content.

Creating good content, for whatever medium, is indispensable. Of course, in the face of loads of competition and distraction, creating good internet marketing content is a challenge. However, content is the main criterion for Google search rankings. If you have good content, people will come, eventually. Good content attracts high-quality inbound links, builds trust and gives your company credibility.

What kind of content you need depends on the specific business and target audience. As said before, tailoring the content exactly is of utmost importance – it needs to be relevant for the people you want to reach. Also, be creative in your content-creation: Getting visitors onto your website is only the first step. Keeping visitors on your website is of equal importance. For instance, optimized content for the respective device helps. Also, using images is a good way to keep visitors on the page and to increase engagement.

In creating good content in line with your internet marketing strategies, always consider Search Engine Optimization right from the start.

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