How to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide) – How to optimize your Website for Google

by Maximilian Claessens
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Search Engine Optimization is needed to get a high rank in Google search results. So far, so good. But how to do SEO? Having discussed what Search Engine Optimization actually is, we are now going to look at how to optimize your website for Google. How to do SEO – a beginners’ guide.

You will now learn about 5 invaluable steps to get a good rank in Google’s search results.

  1. Create good Content – How to do SEO

The first step to get better ranks in search results is to create good content. Of course this requires time. But be careful: Many bloggers think you should write for Google rather than for your audience. That is wrong! If you wonder how to do SEO, write good content for people, instead of repeating keywords in every sentence. Content should have a high quality and be useful and engaging for humans. That, in return, will be recognised by search engines: Your readers will share your content generating additional backlinks and extra traffic. Also, search engines will recognise your quality content because it flows naturally with not too many keywords.

Write content people want to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. Google will read those social signals as a signal of the quality of your domain. You can accelerate the spread of your content on these sites by having an account on these social networks with lots of followers.

Consider also submitting your content to sites like Reddit, Delicious, Digg and other content aggregators that might gain you more readers.

How to do SEO - Step 1 - Create good Content

How to do SEO – Step 1 – Create good Content

It is likewise important that you do not only focus on the quality of your new content. Instead, go back and SEO-rewrite some old content. Clearly, now you know more about how to do SEO than before, not to mention changes in SEO best practices. So rewrite old content and optimize it for Google. That means updating image attributes, changing keyword density, adding links and so on – all you learn in this guide about how to do SEO.

  1. Get Backlinks from trusted Websites – How to do SEO

Backlinks are, still, of crucial importance for your Google search ranks. But optimizing for Google does not mean getting as many backlinks as possible using backlink generators and link exchanges. Google knows more than only how many backlinks you have. Important is the quality of each. Try to get only backlinks from trusted websites. Websites with good SEO pointing to your website improve your SEO. But how to get backlinks from trusted websites?

Even if you are new to the web, you have natural links you could try to get. All businesses have suppliers whether they be accountants, solicitors or raw material providers. All these suppliers are bound to have a website, contact them to ask for a link back, but do not offer a link in exchange. Link exchanges will now work against you! When building links, always give other site owners a reason to want to link back to you. Perhaps write an article based on a particular client – everyone likes bragging rights and this can gain you additional links without even having to ask. All Google wants to see is links that have an editorial right to be there.

  1. Complete Image Attributes – How to do SEO

The next step in how to do SEO is to complete all image attributes. Fancy pictures on your website may dress up your pages, but don’t contribute to optimizing your search ranks as long as Google doesn’t know how to deal with them. Therefore, complete details such as title, caption, alternate text and description. Completing image attributes is also crucial in light of the fact that your targets may search for what they are looking for via Google image search.

  1. Take note of Word Count – How to do SEO

Word count plays a more important role for Google results than you would think. Stick to at least 250 words a page. Writing down for an appropriate length of text means being more able to include diversified relate terms for the target keywords. However, in the face of very long texts, help readers by creating a good structure and using large fonts to lead to the most important points. A page that is broken up well into sections will best answer the question the reader is looking for and leads to a better page-browsing experience.

  1. Avoid duplicate content – How to do SEO

Clearly, the content on your website should be unique from other pages on your site, and from external sites as well. Tools such as Siteliner help you to discover duplicate content on your site.

How to do SEO - Step 5 - Avoid duplicate Content

How to do SEO – Step 5 – Avoid duplicate Content

There is much more to tell about good Search Engine Optimization than these five steps. If you are using WordPress, make use of an SEO tool such as the Yoast SEO Plugin. It will guide you through the most important steps. Follow this beginners’ guide on how to do SEO and you will see that your Google search ranks improve soon. However, SEO is a never-ending process, and best SEO practices may change due to changing Google search rank criteria. To learn more about how to do SEO, read also the Google SEO Starter Guide.

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