How Social Media Has Changed The Way Of Digital Marketing

by Maximilian Claessens
How Social Media Has Changed The Way Of Digital Marketing

Social media overtook the world by a storm after its original introduction in the early years of 2000. Although it began as a portal that allowed people to connect with each other from different parts of the world, social media steadily grew to be the heart of being able to capitalize on your business’ unfound potential.

Although the first digital marketing agency came to existence in 1990, it wasn’t until after social media was established that they were able to grow their field of Search Engine Optimization to turn out to be truly beneficial for a business. In fact, in modern times, any and every digital marketing agency will not go forward for an SEO project without the presence of social media.

Social media has become crucial in building a brand’s visibility, a business’ platform to stand against competitors and in turn, has also become crucial in generating as many sales as possible. Different trends in social media have been responsible for growing and impacting the success of a well-implemented SEO strategy. Let’s dive into the details of how social media has impacted the world of digital marketing:

1.   Climbing the social signal ladder

Digital marketing has undoubtedly become the most crucial form of marketing in the past decade. Today, holding a digital marketing campaign is much more important than passing a flyer on the street. Not to mention, it’s convenient, too.

When we speak about social signals, we want to speak about how impactful a share, like or recommendation can truly be for your business. An individual’s share, like or recommendation is capable of building your brand’s credibility since it essentially shows the trust that another has placed in you. Moreover, the search engines will begin viewing your business as a relevant choice for potential buyers.

2.   Building a brand image

We mentioned earlier how social media is at the crux of a company’s brand development project. While getting discovered on the internet itself can be quite a difficult task, once you reach the eyes of your niche audience, you’re capable of using your presence to create an impactful connection with the customer. Once a customer begins to resonate with the products and services you have to offer, whilst also receiving consistent reminders of your brand’s latest products and deals through inbound marketing, you will be able to establish your brand’s image successfully.

Your brand will slowly but steadily gain the credibility of a reliable online retailer.

3.   Nothing can be as powerful as a loyal fanbase

There are companies that have underestimated the power of a loyal clientele and have only managed to be blown away by the results. For example, if a customer has witnessed how beneficial your products and services are, they will inevitably promote your business, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Word of mouth will always be more trustworthy than how a business presents itself. Likes, shares and even having a ⅘ rating on Google My Business makes you relevant on search engines, allowing you to fall under the top few searches on Google SERPs.

Integrating social media into your digital marketing campaigns is crucial if you’re aiming for success. With social media marketing campaigns working hand-in-hand with an SEO marketing campaign, your business is bound to reach the top.

Social Media As A Need More Than A Want

Although several businesses enjoy having a social media presence to stay in touch with all of their customers, there are quite a few that haven’t even built their social media pages yet! Understanding social media can be difficult at first, but once you’ve established your brand’s presence there, building leads, conversions and organic traffic are easier than ever.

Social media in recent years has managed to help more than 75% of businesses achieve their goals, with over a 133% conversion rate in terms of revenue. All of the top brands in the world have social media pages to keep in touch with customers, allowing them to clear out queries as and when they arrive.

Moreover, companies like Netflix and Wendy’s tend to use social media for humorous interactions with their customers, allowing them to abolish the barrier of a business and a client between themselves and their audience. This not only allows them to attract followers from outside their niche but also allows them to build relationships with the customers on a more friendly level.

Besides the obvious benefits of social media, it also helps in analysing demographics of your potential clientele:

  • Identify your target customer behaviour: When you monitor your brand’s social media accounts, you will be able to see everyone that’s interacting with your posts. This allows you to gain substantial insight into what the demographics of your target audience looks like. Ultimately, this will allow you to target paid ads much more accurately in the future.

  • Landing page optimization: Although you might not realize it, optimizing your website’s landing page to hold social media buttons connecting to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Youtube are capable of helping you stay connected with your customers at all times. Every customer is likely to keep in touch with your business if they can follow you on platforms they use more frequently.

  • Email marketing: Email marketing is a more subtle form of social media marketing. Even though many businesses don’t look at email marketing as a crucial part of digital marketing anymore, it continues to be the favourite of the digital marketing agencies at the top of the chain, such as Clickmatix. Emails help in keeping your customers aware of the latest products and deals without constantly imposing a buy to your respective clientele. Integrating social media onto your email automation will allow you to further strengthen the conversions you can build.

Social media marketers are easily the most influential part of the digital marketing world today. Most established brands tend to opt for social media managers for a more casual social media marketing campaign. Rather than hiring a digital marketing agency to build an audience they already have, they can opt for social media marketing to keep their loyal customers intact.

Although you might need to hire a digital marketing agency that works with both SEO and social media for optimal marketing if you’re trying to get discovered, it’s important to remember that social media marketing will be crucial for growth every step of the way. Building your brand, increasing sales, building organic website traffic and even keeping your customers with you is all a part of a well-done social media marketing strategy.

Author bio: Evelyn Grace is a Marketing Manager at Clickmatix, a leading digital marketing company in Melbourne, Australia. Being a thought leader in content marketing and strategy she enjoys writing about technology, marketing & perpetual industry trends. She is also a tech geek, and love to explore the latest happenings.

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