Generation Z Marketing Strategies – Social Media Marketing Tactics to capture Generation Z

by Maximilian Claessens
Generation Z Marketing Strategies

When it comes to targeting Generation Z successfully, the right strategies are of utmost importance. In this article, we will shed light on the top Generation Z marketing strategies – with a focus on digital and social media marketing.

The number one future success strategy in marketing will be to be ahead of the curve. This means that you need to go where the buying power is. Currently, this control is in the hands of Generation Z, who make up one of the largest demographics.

Unlike their predecessors, most Gen Z-ers grew up with social media. As a result, they use and interact with it in a completely different way compared to Millennials, for instance. Thus, if you want to effectively market to this demographic, you need to be able to identify which tactics will actually work. Here is some insight into the most suitable Generation Z marketing strategies:

Head to the Right Platforms

This generation isn’t just using social media differently. They are drawn to vastly different platforms than their parents and even older siblings. While Facebook may reign supreme with older demographics, these youngsters are more likely to be found on Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube.

Of course, when heading to these platforms, you also have to reconsider your content. On these apps, the focus is on high-quality and engaging photos and images. Therefore, your social media campaign will need to reflect this trend effectively.

Self-Promotion is Out, Engagement is In

When social media first took off, brands enthusiastically jumped on the bandwagon of shameless self-promotion. At the time, they were able to get away with it. However, when catering to a generation that grew up seeing such tactics, these strategies don’t work anymore.

Today’s youth is not interested or impressed by self-promotion. Their interest in a brand is only peaked when engagement options are put forward. This isn’t something that your company can fake either. Instead, you will have to rely on high-quality posts, polls, questions, and more to keep people interested in your channels. User-generated content is an excellent way to enable this engagement.

Create Trustworthy Content

It is also important for brands to understand what Gen Z requires of them. This generation isn’t just looking for the products or services you are offering. No, they are looking for value-added, in-depth assistance as well.

Thus, it isn’t enough to put up pictures or talk about your product on social media. In your Generation Z marketing strategies, you must also have helpful content that tackles a particular problem or issue as a whole. This is why you should consider hiring agencies such as Content Stove to tackle this aspect of social media marketing. You can then have experts design and compose content that showcases your products or services in a more positive light. 

Find a Cause

These days, you will be hard-pressed to find a major brand that isn’t involved in one social cause or another. The reason that companies adopt such campaigns is because social justice and improvement are important to Gen Z. Keep in mind, they grew up in a changing world where protests and movements were the norm – consider that in your Generation Z marketing strategies.

Of course, you do need to be careful about the type of message you adopt and how you take it on. Today’s youth is hypersensitive to people taking on causes for profit rather than charity. Therefore, it is important that you select a cause that is in line with your company’s products as well as its core values.

When creating such social media campaigns, you should determine what the positive result will be. So, set a goal and design your campaign to work towards this objective. This tactic alone will ensure that quite a few Gen Z-ers will jump on board with your message and brand. As you can see, Gen Z needs to be targeted on social media in a completely different way. So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve and continue being relevant, you need to adopt the above Generation Z marketing strategies. These are what will help you gain ground with this generation.  

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