Essential Marketing Skills – What Skills Do You Need for Marketing?

by Maximilian Claessens
Essential Marketing Skills – What Skills Do You Need for Marketing?

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in marketing, it’s now time for you to polish your professional strengths and skill set. This will help you garner attention from top graduate recruiters. But what are recruiters looking for? They expect marketing candidates to have academic prowess, basic skills, and pure determination. Read on to learn what essential marketing skills you need to satisfy their requirements.

What Skills do You Need for Marketing?

Learning new marketing skills can be challenging for anyone. However, it’s imperative to point out that you can master the art of marketing. Some may come natural to you, some may be a stretch. But all of them are learnable. You can become a proficient marketer with self-determination, patience, practice.

We’ve compiled a short list of soft and hard marketing skills. If you master them, you can become a hot prospect for marketing companies throughout the world.

What we should not forget is that marketing has evolved over the years. With digital marketing becoming the number one marketing channel for business owners, it’s fair to say that print advertising has taken a back seat. This plays a key role in the skills that are needed to master a job in today’s marketing environment. We will therefore put special attention on essential marketing skills needed in the 21st century – skills that may often differ strongly from those you would have read about in a textbook 20 years ago.

1. Communication

Marketing is based on communicating with your target audience, so it’s easy to see why having strong communication skills is important. In marketing, companies must deliver clear messages to their target audience. This is imperative to sell their products and services.

Keep in mind that your prospective employer expects you to have strong communication skills. You will have a difficult time with getting a marketing job if your communication skills are not up to par. Therefore, you should be strong in professional Business English. You should also feel comfortable to communicate openly in both written and oral form. You should love to stay in touch with your customers and enjoy to come up with clear and concise messages targeted at your audience.

2. Be a Team Player

The majority of marketing relies on the internet these days. However, marketers must interact with their co-workers, so being a team player will pay big dividends for your marketing career.

It’s vital for you to be friendly with your co-workers, and display a class of professionalism. This will open the door for you to get promotions, pay raises, and invitations to participate in big projects.

3. Problem Solving

We cannot cover essential marketing skills without discussing your ability to solve problems. The interviewer will ask you questions such as:

  • Can you come up with create solutions?
  • Do you enjoy thinking outside the box?
  • How do you deal with new challenges?

In the marketing field, companies expect their employees to find new solutions to problems. You must learn how to take different angles on problems that surface during the workday.

4. Time Management

You will be expected to manage your time wisely. This will help you be productive and meet deadlines.

Many novice marketers procrastinate. They wait until the last minute to do a specific task. This is a recipe for disaster.

Managing your time wisely is the key to staying ahead in a fast paced marketing office with multiple simultaneous projects on your desk.

5. Handle Pressure

In marketing, you’re always under the gun. Can you handle pressure? How do you react when there are several projects calling for your attention, while new challenges keep surfacing all the time? If you can’t handle pressure, you may want to consider another occupation.

6. Content Creation

Creating quality content is one of the most important elements of marketing. Marketing good content is mandatory to survive in today’s digital marketing environment.

Marketing agencies know the value of sharing quality content with their audience. They distribute the majority of their content via the following channels:

  • Social Media Platforms – Sharing content on popular social media platforms helps companies connect with new customers, and maintain relationships with existing customers.
  • Websites – Content on the company’s and other firm’s websites educates their visitors, and persuades them to make a purchase.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing nurtures fresh leads, and it opens the door for repeated business.

You must learn to create quality content for your employer. What type of content should you learn how to create? This depends on the business you’re in, but expect for instance informative articles, quizzes, infographics, charts, and videos.

It may take several months for you to master the art of content creation. You cannot afford to overlook the value of content creation. It is one of the most essential marketing skills at your disposal.

7. Storytelling

Do you know how to tell a fascinating story? Telling stories can get people interested in your employer’s products and services.

Storytelling introduces your employer’s brand, and it gives people an inside look at their business. Keep in mind that your storytelling should not be pushy, bland, or boring. Your storytelling should be interesting, exciting, and informative. So start working on your storytelling techniques today.

Storytelling can be used with written content, graphics, and videos. Some business owners use storytelling to educate their customers on how to use their products.

There’s an old saying in marketing, “Don’t overlook small details.” Storytelling may not seem like a big deal to you. However, it can have a huge impact on your marketing career.

8. Search Engine Optimization

Your advertising skills can help you get a sharp edge over other aspiring marketers. This is why you must learn more about search engine optimization.

Your employer expects you to be proficient with search engine optimization techniques. It’s also critical for you to learn how to use digital marketing tools. They will uncover the keywords related to your employer’s niche. This will make it easier for you to create content that will appeal to customers.

9. Copywriting

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that it’s vital to include copywriting on this list of marketing skills. Your copywriting must deliver a strong message to your employer’s prospects. Copywriting tells the audience what they can expect to get from your employer.

How can you excel with copywriting? Keeping things simple is the best approach. Make sure you avoid the following:

  • Using words with long syllables
  • Using long sentences
  • Using industry jargon and buzzwords

Final Word

Are you passionate about having a career in marketing? Thousands of aspiring marketers are interested in working with popular brands, so you need to make sure your essential marketing skills are on point.

What skills do you need for marketing? It’s critical for you to master the skills listed above. They can help you stand out, and increase your chances of getting hired.

Your determination, hard work, and essential marketing skills will pave the way for you to become an exceptional marketer.

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