Corona Marketing Strategies – Reaching your Customers in Times of Corona

by Maximilian Claessens
Corona Marketing Strategies - Reaching your Customers in Times of Corona

The coronavirus has shaken the fundamental business world for many companies. Consumers do not spend as much money, with many losing their jobs or suffering from economic uncertainties. Employees cannot come to work as usual. And the world out there seems to be a different one. How do you still reach out to your audience in such special times? How to market your products and services when the world is in a state of shock? Let’s review special Corona marketing strategies to help your business succeed.

Adjust your Marketing Channels

In simple terms, the solution to the marketing challenge many businesses face in times of Corona can be broken down into two Corona marketing strategies. The first one is to adjust your marketing channels. Were you using outside advertisement before? Billboard ads? Sales teams? Many traditional channels may not work anymore or be less effective in times of Covid-19. So one of the Corona marketing strategies is to think about how your target group can be reached in these special times. Most of them will stay in nearly all day. Communication takes place nearly exclusively online. But the important message is: it still takes place.

So the most effective channel may be (now more than ever before) online marketing. People may spend more time on social media now that many of them work less or work not at all. Also e-mail marketing may become important once again. And so on.

But also offline marketing channels may still be adequate for you. For instance, ads in magazines that customers receive at home will still work. Just make sure that you reach your customers where they are situated for the majority of their day now.

Adjust your Marketing Content

The second major Corona marketing strategy is to adjust your marketing content. Many consumers are insecure and will place different emphasis on various product types than usual. We have seen supermarkets that are sold out all over the world – in some countries, pasta and toilet paper were high in demand, in others, guns. In order to succeed in Corona times, you need to understand what is driving the demand patterns of customers. How do their needs and wants change?

And at the bottom of this all stands security. People buy things that make them feel secure and confident in unsecure times. You can use this fact to your advantage. Try to emphasize those attributes of your product or service that may help consumers feel secure. In some cases, you may need to make changes to your product in order to do so. But in many other cases, changing the communicated value proposition may be totally suficient. In terms of the three levels of products, we are talking about the actual product as well as the augmented product here. Not only the main product features, but also things such as aftersales support and warranty conditions are a great way to bring out the security message.

In addition to the communicated value, you should also use marketing channels to relate with your customers. For example, on your social media pages, you should make posts that encourage them to remain safe during these times. You can also post inspiring quotes and messages to lift their spirits and encourage more positive thoughts during these difficult times. By this, you can show customers that you care about them and that you are mindful of their situations. This, in turn, will augment trust in your business and your products, which also relates to the security concern of consumers.

Keep your Customers posted

In addition to changing your channels and your message, you should consider to keep your customers up to date regarding your business and all the changes happening due to the special situation.

For example, you could send emails, texts and updates on your website to tell customers about new procedures and innovations. How does your business life go on? What is your work setting? Show your inner face to the outside world, so customers in turn can emphasize with you and your business. This is crucial as a second big need of consumers in these insecure times is relatedness. Try to create a personal relationship with your customers to show that you hold together and get through these difficult times.

By implementing these simple, yet efficient Corona marketing strategies, you will get through these difficult times faster than you think. We wish you all the best and hope that the situation returns to normal as soon as possible!

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