Content Ideas for App Marketing – How to spread Word about your Apps

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Content Ideas for App Marketing - How to spread Word about your Apps

Developing an app is only the beginning. It is easy to convert a simple, mature idea into an app that users can use to solve their everyday problems, especially since you don’t have to be an expert coder or an engineer to develop an app. As long as you can make your idea or vision clear, you can have a team of expert developers making the app for you.

The real challenge is marketing the app to the right users. At this point, you need good content ideas for app marketing. Digital marketing certainly makes the process easier and more affordable. Content marketing remains one of the most popular digital marketing instruments to use when marketing an app, and these content ideas will get you started with marketing your app right away. Let’s take a closer look at five of the best content ideas for app marketing.

Content Ideas for App Marketing - How to spread Word about your Apps
Content Ideas for App Marketing – How to spread Word about your Apps

App Development Stories

As mentioned before, you can now work with top names like Appetiser to get your own app made. No matter what idea you have in mind, Appetiser can help you create a suitable UX flow, design a user interface, and go through the process of getting the app ready for users.

This process is fascinating enough to use as part of your content marketing campaign. You could talk about how the team from Appetiser helped you finalise your idea. You could share content about the development and testing process. Don’t forget to engage potential users by asking them to participate in testing.

Telling stories about app development is one of the best content ideas for app marketing and a great way to get users excited about your app early. You are jumpstarting the rest of your digital marketing campaign and inviting users early in the game; you don’t have to worry about generating excitement later.

Deliver Value

Every app has value. The values can be benefits, convenience factors, and other aspects that make the app valuable in the eyes of its users. Unfortunately, the values you are trying to deliver are not always clear.

This is where content marketing comes in handy. You can share content about how to best benefit from the app. Talk about how to use certain features and focus on how users can maximise those features to their advantage. Don’t hesitate to share secrets about the app too.

As users start utilising the app, they will search for tutorials and additional knowledge on how to maximise their use of the app. Your content will already be on your website at that point, which means you can maximise your conversion and deliver real value at the same time.

Talk About Use Cases

Another great content idea for app marketing is to develop is a use-case scenario. Imagine how users will utilise your app when they get their hands on it and discuss those use cases in your content. This type of content is perfect for reaching users who aren’t sure about which app to use for a specific purpose.

For example, you can talk about how to better book hotels using the app’s features. When potential users search for apps that allow them to get better deals and rewards from hotels, they will find your article and immediately see how the app suits their requirements and needs perfectly.

At the same time, talking about use cases allows you to boost the value of the app among existing users. By talking about the Deals page and how users can get notified whenever a suitable promotional offer comes along, you attract users who ordinarily use the app only to make reservations.


Teasers – of the app itself and the new features you are adding to future updates – are still among the most popular (and most effective) types of content and content ideas for app marketing to publish regularly. Have you noticed how the change logs of top apps now tell stories and are designed to be interesting?

Teasers can be posted on your own landing page to keep users engaged, or as a part of your change logs to convince users to update to the latest version. You don’t even have to be formal when writing teasers; in fact, you shouldn’t.

Funny teasers have the opportunity to go viral. Invest enough time and energy towards writing good change logs and teasers for your app to garner attention to it. You can boost your app’s standings on the App Store popularity ranking with a good teaser or change log.

User Generated

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to consider getting users to tell their stories about the app. User-generated content is still very impactful. They come from actual users and tend to have higher credibility compared to native content.

With user-generated content, you can play with formats and details about the content more. Traditional testimonials just wouldn’t cut it. Make videos, tell stories, and try to position users as independently as possible.

That’s it! These 5 content ideas can help you generate the right amount of attention as you begin promoting your app.

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