Black Friday Marketing Strategies – Boost your sales on Black Friday

by Maximilian Claessens
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Black Friday Marketing Strategies - Boost your sales on Black Friday

Every merchant knows that Black Friday is a day that can provide a lot of profit in a short amount of time. It also allows merchants to capitalize on the opportunity to make space for products that they plan to sell following Black Friday. But what can you do to maximize your success on Black Friday? Let’s review some of the best Black Friday marketing strategies.

Key guideline for Black Friday marketing strategies: Make them bold to stand out

If you want to succeed on Black Friday, you need to stand out. On this day, every shop, whether online or brick and mortar, tries to catch people’s attention. Make sure that your marketing strategy is bold and distinctive. Keep in mind that when you plan your Black Friday marketing strategies, you need to begin months in advance. To help you prepare, we have compiled a few hints that will help you get those extra sales on Black Friday.

Implement a sale schedule

Many merchants continue to use strategies that are anticipated by consumers. Although this is perfectly fine for consistency, it can be more difficult to pull off during Black Friday. Many shoppers are tired of seeing the same dull messages pop up that were displayed the previous year.

Instead, consider implementing a schedule that allows customers to see what they can expect at certain times. This will increase anticipation as well as sales.

Leak hints of what to expect

As indicated earlier, you need to plan your Black Friday marketing strategies months in advance. However, that doesn’t mean Friday is the cut-off. In order for you to take advantage of all of the time available now, look at leaking some hints throughout the year of things that customers can expect to see.

You can also easily combine the hints along with other promotions that occur like Cyber Monday. This will spark your customers interest and have them anticipating what’s in store.

Get your subscriber’s attention

Utilizing your subscriber list to your advantage by grabbing their attention is important in any Black Friday marketing campaign, be it via e-mail, social media or other means. By using a strong call to action, you are automatically setting yourself up for the next sale that you generate.

Present extra offers

A lot of merchants consider Black Friday as a time where discounts make up the majority of their Black Friday marketing. This may seem true for the most part. However there are some shoppers that dream of seeing extra offers on top of it all.

When you’re offering just a discount like many other merchants you will not set yourself apart from the crowd. As you prepare your Black Friday marketing make sure to include extra offers that your customer base will benefit from like raffles, no questions asked returns, and of course free shipping.

Implement a set amount of time and have it count down

You will always have customers who can’t make up their mind. This is ok and all but they need to realize that time is not always on their side. The best way to help these customers realize this is by setting a certain amount of time for them to act in order to take advantage of the sales. This also assists in making customers decide on the spot.

We hope that with these Black Friday marketing strategies, you can stand out and boost your success on this very special day.

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