Best Digital Marketing Strategies – How to do Digital Marketing

by Maximilian Claessens
Best Digital Marketing Strategies - How to do Digital Marketing

While digital marketing as a concept is now firmly embedded in business, many business owners may not fully understand the implications or importance of its implementation. To fully understand the best digital marketing strategies, a business owner should look at the link between digital marketing and advertising. The basic definition of digital marketing explains much about digital marketing strategies.

Basics of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a hi-tech method of marketing and advertising services and products through the use of digital technology. This includes mobile phones, video display advertising, the internet and other related digital media.

Without doubt, staying ahead of technology when using digital marketing strategies is crucial to the success of marketing analyses, campaign design and best digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing is approximately thirty years old. Clearly, this indicates that businesses need to continually advance digital marketing design, planning and skills. As time marches on, so too does the hi-tech world which defines the best digital marketing strategies. For instance, in the past, moving digital marketing to mobile phones necessitated major changes in strategies.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies

Choosing the best digital marketing strategies to fit specific business profiles depends on several things, like service vs product presentation, or online market share vis-a-vis service or product competition.

The best digital marketing strategies may also depend on B2C relationships, such as those in the service sector of business. For example, law and medical firms may choose mobile phone email marketing over video display digital marketing. On the contrary, product oriented businesses choose video display digital marketing to enhance the potential for increased sales.

Today’s most popularly implemented and best digital marketing strategies include:

  • Marketing automation
  • Voice search
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Video Marketing
  • Authenticity

Let’s look at some of these strategies in more detail.

Marketing Automation

In order for businesses to maintain budgetary constraints and ensure timely presentation of goods and services, marketing automation is essential as it reduces labor costs and redundant workflow. For example, automated signups for customer email accounts, new customer email marketing and tracking unopened email to increase customer conversion rates.

Voice Search

Voice search is a digital marketing advancement that allows users “hands free” use of Internet searches. As one of the best digital marketing strategies for online advertising, voice search adapts well to mobile phone users and accounts for 20 percent of digital marketing.

Today, voice search can be used by desktop, laptop and notebook users. Note that voice search has advanced to include semantic search, making it even more powerful. This is how search engines determine literal matches of words used in search queries.

In order for businesses to implement voice search, it is necessary to restructure SEO used in digital marketing and advertising to include long tail keywords in content and a higher content of inbound links and backlinks.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Perhaps the newest and most talked about digital marketing strategy is the use of Artificial Intelligence. It has been touted as a revolution in branding and customer service. For savvy business owners, it isn’t a question of should AI be implemented, but when.

In terms of digital ad campaigns, AI has proven to be a strategy that provides a more personalized approach to advertising that is as dynamic as it is focused. The most significant feature is lowering of the cost of lead generation.

Video Marketing

With the advent of mobile phone and desktop video display capabilities, access to major video sites like YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and others, video marketing was inevitable as a business sales and marketing concept.

Video marketing is incredibly important and becomes even more crucial over time: 82% of all web traffic will move towards video content – meaning that most online consumer marketing will be done via video marketing. 51 percent of marketing professionals today claim video marketing as the best return on investment.


Authenticity as a best digital marketing strategy may have evolved as a result of robotic marketing promotions and advertising that ignored the “personalization” factor in marketing campaigns.

With greater search engine flexibility, authenticity offers a competitive edge for digital marketers. In order to retain higher volume traffic to online sites, consumers have consistently considered brand authenticity and trust to be a major selling factor.

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