Artificial Intelligence in Marketing – Automating Marketing with AI

by Maximilian Claessens
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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing - Automating Marketing with AI

Many companies find that applying Artificial Intelligence to their marketing strategies can both improve the digital experience platform (DXP) and make the consumer experience better. However, many of these companies and marketing professionals miss a lot of key opportunities to use Artificial Intelligence, or (AI), to make their content more dynamic and analyze the user data that they receive correctly. This is an exciting and new form of marketing that few are able to take full advantage of. The first step to using Artificial Intelligence in marketing is to educate yourself about what it truly is and how it can make a huge, beneficial change to your marketing approach.

Origins of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

While Artificial Intelligence as we know it is a fairly new thing, it was over half a century ago that Alan Turing wrote about machines that could possess the thinking power of humans. Today, Artificial Intelligence is transforming the field of marketing. Many companies use Artificial Intelligence to generate suggestions for consumers and other tasks, a far cry from Turing’s dream of playing chess with a machine.

Use Artificial Intelligenceto Design Your Web Presence

A huge part of establishing a web presence for your brand is making an automated queue of content. Artificial Intelligence can help with this task, helping choose the best order for posts and when they should go live for the best effect. You can also implement Artificial Intelligence in marketing to explore emerging platforms for you to use in marketing. For example, Artificial Intelligence may be used to present virtual reality or augmented reality to appeal to a wider array of consumers. If you are hiring AI professionals to start Artificial Intelligence for you, look for those comfortable and confident with digital experience delivery and content generation.

Artificial Intelligence can be Personalized to Individual Users

Using Artificial Intelligence for your brand can synthesize related content across an array of platforms. This can help to appeal to users who use different platforms or social media by going to them. For example, it will post on platforms x, y, and z. This will appeal to a wide audience as well as help the machine to learn about members of the audience, including to what they are receptive.

Analytics of Artificial Intelligence In Marketing Is Richer

Marketing strategies have long put importance on the descriptive as well as diagnostic data they can analyze about consumers, but with the help of AI that becomes richer and more varied. This allows you to glean insights about your target audience that will help you engage with them more fully.

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