2019 SEO Strategies – How to rank high on Google in 2019?

by Maximilian Claessens
2019 SEO Strategies - How to rank high on Google in 2019

Trying to rank high on Google can be a tricky enterprise. It pays off to keep track of what Google values and what not. Let’s take a look at some key SEO laws that are particularly relevant right now. By following the 2019 SEO strategies you can get a bit of an edge and easily improve your Google rank.

Monitor Everything

Monitoring and tracking are not new, but have always been important. That makes us stress this topic even more now as a key part of the 2019 SEO strategies. With an ever increasing number of metrics to track, it becomes more and more crucial to keep a close eye on what is happening to your pages, visitors and so on. Before being able to improve your rank in Google, you need to make sure you understand how you’re doing and what you could do better. This includes detailed traffic statistics covering metrics such as traffic sources, user interactions per visit, bounce rate and average session duration. Understanding them helps to explain why your page may be performing well or not on Google. For example, you could use it to understand that some problems might come from users exiting pages so quickly. You could make those pages more interesting to try to prevent this phenomenon, for example, to ensure that your website becomes more interesting in the all-mighty eyes of Google.

Mobile Optimization

If you hear mobile optimization for the first time, you obviously do not have a well-performing website. With every day that passes, the share of internet users that want to discover your website on a mobile device instead of on a desktop increases. Google knows that and ranks your website accordingly. Still, one thing that many people do not realize when looking at SEO trends and 2019 SEO strategies, is the fact that mobile is still not receiving sufficient attention. It is not just one feature your website should have. Instead, your website should be optimized for mobile first. Better worry about other formats later as long as the mobile part is not up to Google’s expectations.

As a consequence, it’s important to make sure you make your website easy to view on mobile devices. The massive amount of new internet users sweeping over from countries such as China and other places will most likely be on mobile due to it being an easy way to surf the web without spending a lot of money. What this means practically in terms of SEO tricks, is that you should make your pages as clear as possible, keep the important stuff ” above the fold,” and do your best to get to the point quickly.

Compress Images

One of the 2019 SEO strategies that you should want to stick with involves compressing images. If you do it right, you can ensure both that the page doesn’t take too long to load, and that the image is of sufficient quality to catch the eye. This is because of the fact that people don’t want to wait for a page to load. If there’s any delay at all, they may instantly move on to a different page instead. Trivial inconvenience is an important part of how the Internet works. In general, audiences don’t tolerate it. And what your audience does not like, Google will not like. Make sure that your images are optimized to nail those Google speed metrics, and your audience will have a better web experience on the way.

SSL Certificates

Another one of the 2019 SEO strategies that is absolutely crucial is installing an SSL certificate. If you don’t have it yet, you’re late, so make sure to implement it swiftly. When people see your site, they will see that the site is secure and they will be more likely to visit it more often and explore it more. Google will rank your website accordingly, and take a close look at the security level it exposes surfers to. This applies to any number of certificates and security measures you can add on the site, such as having it protected from viruses and spam. Recently, you should also have a close look at privacy measures, which is even mandatory in many countries. While it is not clear yet how much this matters for your Google rank, it is certain that it will hurt you and your rank in the long term if you don’t pay attention to it.

Pay Attention to Titles and Headings

Okay, clearly you think that this is not an SEO trick particularly important in 2019. But indeed, it is. While everybody should know that optimizing titles and headings has been important ever since, many websites nowadays do not live up to the high standards Google expects. For example, you should put your keywords into the headings, titles, meta descriptions, and other parts of the website. If you want, you can even use the SEO strategy of having multiple SEO keywords per page.

Integration of 2019 SEO Strategies

Eventually, the most important part of SEO that can’t be stressed enough is that everything most play together well. Implementing only a part of the 2019 SEO strategies and tricks will not help your Google rank if your page literally messes up on other criteria. Always keep in mind that if you look at your website from the eye of a random visitor, you should have an overwhelming experience. If you do have that experience, it is likely that Google will like your website too. To make sure, use the countless tools and metrics Google provides to help you track what is going well and what not.

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